The History of Henry Financial Group Pty Ltd (HFG)

As one of Queensland™s longest established and most awarded financial planning firms, we are proud of our history.

Founded by Leonie Henry in 1987, the firm has provided financial planning, investment and portfolio management services to clients who want transparency in the way their investments are managed. By using direct investments where possible and minimising the use of expensive and complex financial products, HFG aims to provide our clients with calm, professional, friendly and predictable advice that has stood the test of time.

For many people the decision to come and see HFG will be prompted by a major life event such as redundancy, retirement, inheritance, the sale of a business, impending parenthood, or a promotion.  For most people however, the decision to come and see HFG is prompted by the simple desire to get organised!

We also partner with Charter Financial Planning Limited, a network of approximately 800 wealth advisers in over 300 practices across Australia.  Charter is also a member of the AMP Group.

HFG clients come from all walks of life

Doctors, Lawyers, School Teachers, Small business people, Retirees and Students. One thing they have in common is a desire to make informed choices about their financial future.